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Ziptrek Whistler

Ziptreking is an unbelievable year round activity which is one of Whistler’s most thrilling adventures! Voted “Best Adventure Tour” this experience is one you don’t want to miss! The tour takes place high in the tree-tops of Whistler’s ancient temperate rain-forest and takes you on a journey along suspension bridges, trails and Ziplines! These steel cables, some up to 15 stories high and 2000 feet long, can take you from one platform to the other reaching speeds of over 80km per hour (50mph)!

Feel the anticipation build as you make your way down the steps to the launch platform let you adrenaline loose as you lift your feet to and soar down the cables to the other side! The first line gets your knees shaking but once you let go the adventure has begun as you sweep and soar over the amazing creek below through the mountainous vistas of the rainforest!

Three tours are available to choose from, the Bear tour and Eagle tour both have five ziplines and are about 3hours long. The Bear tour is the original tour perfect for first timers and families, or step it up and take the Eagle tour which takes you soaring along five different ziplines including the 2000-foot line which drops you 20 stories! This tour finishes up as you go down the last zipline ending in Whistler Village. The third tour is the Mammoth tour with 10 ziplines for those who hunger for the adrenaline rush and want a longer lasting thrilling adventure! Combining both the Bear and Eagle tour a delicious meal is served to help you recharge for the last half of this heart pounding adventure!

Whichever ziptrek tour you choose you won’t be disappointed! This must do Whistler activity sends you on the thrill of a lifetime leaving you hungry for more adrenaline fueled fun in this small piece of paradise in heart of Whistler’s Coastal Temperate rainforest!

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