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A Much Needed Weekend at the Roxy All-Stars Camp

Learning to snowboard has got to be one of the most frustrating skills. The whole concept of body stance, throwing your body forward to hurtle down a mountain, and having your feet constantly strapped to one plank just feels unnatural to some (especially me!).

I’m one of those snowboarders that skiers use as an additional obstacle on the mountain and that boarders use to cut and turn around. I’ve spent my time ‘falling leaf’ all the way down the mountain and I am terrified the entire chair ride that I will knock others over when I dismount at the top (a regular occurrence…warning: Avoid sitting next to the girl in the green pants & grey jacket). However, more recently, I simply spend my time planning my next coffee stop at the Roundhouse, Chic Pea or back in the Village.

My boyfriend consoles me, (“Don’t worry, you’re only going up there once or twice a week, so you’ve barely been up there at all”), friendly store attendants are encouraging (“Don’t worry, I was the same. One day it will just click, seriously”) and other, more honest souls, offer a diplomatic alternative (“…er...maybe you should try skiing?”).

Two and half months after arriving here, having not improved and no ‘clicking’ happening, I decided to commit to the Roxy Women’s All Star 2 day Snow Camp…Cue “Rocky” music here…

Day 1: started out brilliantly – I was given a free coffee and baked good (this is my kind of day on the mountain!). However, once we had our group together, it was time to hit the slopes. We did a couple of warm up runs down the bottom of Blackcomb, and then it was straight into it.  I was teamed up with coaches Bryony & Bex and from those in the group who had just started to board to those that were hungry to get to the park, these coaches could adapt to anyone’s skill. At the beginning of the day, I was adamant that I wanted to stick to green runs only, but before lunch on Day 1, we were already hitting the blues.

Day 2: our group split up so those more advanced riders could head to the park, and those that were still adjusting to the blues could continue to perfect their skills. I stuck to the blues, and was encouraged by the coach about the improvement that had happened within 24 hours. By the end of the second day, I was aching all over and completely exhausted from the camp but had seen a drastic improvement from the morning before. Now I was able to turn confidently down the slopes, stay on my board & work my way through those darned cat tracks! I had even started to attempt little jumps on the slopes and I finished the camp feeling far more confident and knowing I had a few handy tricks up my sleeve to ensure I could continue improving after the camp. 

Information: Each camp is for two days, is completely exhausting and 100% worth it! From having breakfast with the group first thing in the morning, to completing runs together and learning new skills and tricks to perfect your style, right through to the sweet relief of the beer and nacho après at the end of each day, this camp is excellent for any skill level for skiing or snowboarding.

Roxy has more All Star Camps happening before the end of the season. Head here for details: or contact one of our friendly Guest Services Specialists on 1.800.661.2321 to reserve your place in the next camp.

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