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Guest Services Insight: Richie Tackles IronMan 2014!

Ironman is a long and proud tradition in Canada. As of 2013, this tradition moved from Penticton BC to Whistler BC. I was honoured to be there for the first running of Ironman Canada in Whistler on 25th August 2013. I was even more honoured to say that I had a family member complete his first ever Ironman that day. Ever since that day I decided that I wanted to compete in an Ironman.

So Boxing Day 2013, I decided 2014 was the year I would attempt to finish Ironman Canada. I had one major advantage over the 2,500 athletes that will be competing this year, I live in Whistler. There are so many different lakes to swim in. All of them are easy to get to. The trails offer some of the best running I have ever come across anywhere in the world. And as for the biking I have encountered some of the most incredible views while grinding out 6 hours on the bike. It makes the training worth it.

Whistler has so much to offer and it doesn’t have to be expensive. Even if you’re not training for the Ironman, you can go and chill out at one of the many lakes and it doesn’t cost you anything. You can hire a bike from numerous stores around the village and just cycle along the trail and admire the beauty of Whistler. Hiking around Whistler is again something that is very cheap but very rewarding. I have run by a bear that was only two feet away from me too. Amazing!!

Summer in Whistler is just incredible. Talk to our Front Desk staff and ask them about the trails, lakes and everything else that goes on around Whistler. As for me stay tuned on an update about completing the Ironman!

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