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Dialus Frequently Asked Questions

Dialus Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

I have stayed with you previously is there no longer a past guest discount?
Yes, you are still eligible for our exclusive Dialus discount and now you also accrue points for each stay.

Can I pay for incidentals with my points?
Points are not applicable to incidentals; however, they can be applied to room, tax, and gift certificates for future stays.

Can I purchase points?
Yes, points may be purchased for 5¢ each.

Can I book a room for my friend, using my points?
Yes, you may use your points to book a room for your friend or to purchase a gift certificate for them.

What are the safeguards against someone stealing your points? 
Photo ID is required when redeeming points.

Can I use my points to buy a Gift Certificate?
Yes, the Sales & Marketing Coordinator can assist you with this request.

I have enough points to cover my entire stay; will I still need to provide a credit card at time of booking?
Yes, a credit card must be used for all deposits and upon check-in you may then redeem your points towards your stay and we will refund your credit card the difference. 

Can I use my points to cover the deposit on my reservation?
No, a credit card is required for the deposit and upon check-in you will then be able to redeem your points towards your stay.

I booked through a different company – can I get an upgrade using my points?
No, points cannot be applied to reservations made through a 3rd party.

Can I book on your website using my points?
All online bookings require a credit card for security purposes. You may redeem your points upon check-in.

I forgot to use my points during a previous stay.  Can I use them now, and get a refund for that stay?
Unfortunately points cannot be applied to previous stays.  Points must be redeemed prior to checking out.  You are welcome to use your points during your next stay.

Can I book a package using my points?
All reservations are confirmed with a credit card and upon check-in points can be applied to the room and tax portion of your package.

Will I receive a statement with my current point balance upon check out? 
We would be delighted to provide this to you upon request. 

If I cancel my reservation and it results in a forfeited deposit can I use that amount towards a future stay?
No, points are not applicable to cancellation fees