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Guest Services Insight: Ciara gets Creative!

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Continuing on with the Sundial Boutique Hotel’s Guest Services insight on Whistler Activities, the lovely Ciara takes on stone carving! A fantastic idea for kids and guests of all ages to create their own souvenir!

Looking for something more moderate or artistic amongst all the extreme outdoor activities Whistler has to offer? Why not try one of the village’s best kept secrets: carving classes at the Whistler stone gallery. Having recently taken a 3 hour Inuksuk carving class, I can easily say it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience and I was pleasantly surprised by how much I got out of it, as I wouldn’t consider myself an artist by any means!

The experience began with a short video on what to expect from the class, the do’s and don’ts of carving and the process of carving your creation, a step by step guide on your tools and how to use them, and a brief history on the origin of Inukshuks. We were then lead to the workshop where we got fitted out in dust suits (very stylish!). Don’t worry if you are short like me....the kids one fits perfectly! We spent some time designing our individual Inukshuks on the blackboard and when we were happy with this we picked a unique block of Soapstone from the pile and got set up at the work bench. The next 2.5 hours flew by, as we etched our designs onto the stone and began sawing into it to create the rough shape of our designs. Once this was done we perfected our pieces by filing and sanding away. Carving, rounding and adding 3D elements until we were totally satisfied and felt like they were complete. Honestly, you could spend an entire day perfecting your piece, but it gets to a point when you feel like you really should finish up to let someone else have some fun in there! The process was completed with an all over 4 stage sanding process. Once the excess dust had been rinsed from our pieces, we polished them with oil and dried them off.

After your photoshoot in the gallery you can head home with your very own unique, handmade piece of Whistler history! Pretty cool! I would highly recommend this activity for anyone visiting Whistler looking for something out of the normal. Classes range from 1 hour up to 10+ hours of Inukshuk, bear or freestyle carving. It would be a great activity for families and there are kids classes available as well as drop-ins!

For more information on this activity or your Whistler accommodations please contact a member of our Guest Service Team who would be more than happy to help you arrange a class!