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Best Rate Guaranteed

Terms & Conditions

Your original reservation must have been through www.sundialhotel.com or through our reservation department by phone or e-mail.
The lower rate must be found and the claim made within 48 hours of the original booking being made.
The Best Online Rate Guarantee only applies to publically available rates, which can be seen and booked without any kind of restriction or membership requirement. This does not include websites who do not reveal the name of a hotel until the booking is made.
The booking must be for exactly the same booking criteria meaning the same hotel, the same room type, same inclusions, same number of guests, the same stay dates and the same rate description. The cancellation policy and all other terms and conditions of the stay must also be identical.
You must have a confirmed reservation and confirmation number with us.
You must book the lowest available rate on www.sundialhotel.com in order to qualify.
Sundial Hotel will verify the lower rate claim when it is made, or respond within 48 working hours of the claim being made.
The rate comparison will be made net of any taxes, gratuities or any other fees associated with the room rate, and the lower rate must still be available at the time the hotel validates the claim. Rate differences solely due to exchange rate fluctuations and/or differences in currency exchange rates are excluded from the guarantee.
When a claim covers a multiple night stay, the rate comparison will be made against the total room cost on www.sundialhotel.com compared to the total room cost on the other website.
The Best Online Rate Guarantee is void where prohibited by law. Sundial Hotel reserves the right to modify or cancel its best rate guarantee policy at any time without prior notice.
Sundial Hotel has the sole right to determine the validity of any claim, including without limitation, determining that the lower rate found is genuinely available and that the claim meets all terms and conditions. In case of dispute, Sundial Hotel’s decision is final.
The Best Rate Guarantee Programme does not apply to packaged rates. Packaged rates include Hotel accommodations sold as part of a travel package in which the Hotel does not provide all services (including but not limited to airfare and/or car rental) and Hotel accommodations sold with additional amenities (including but not limited to breakfast and/or Internet service). Also does not apply with rates negotiated by the hotel with corporations.
The Best Guarantee Programme does not apply to taxes, gratuities, or any additional charges or fees that may apply to your stay.
We may deny a claim where the difference between the rates is less than one Percent (1%).
All reservations should be expressed in CDN. If other exchange rate has been applied, we’ll convert applying the exchange rate provided by our booking engine at the time of the booking.